Innovating the Industry

If you want to make a difference you have to move. Through years of experience we have found what works. We have also found where things need improvement. It is in those areas that EB&I has refused to stand still and instead move forward to make changes to benefit the test and balance industry nation-wide. Here are some of the key areas EB&I has driven change.

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  • Fire Life Safety and the safety of New Mexico and Beyond

Saving lives. EB&I has continuously been working to bring about change concerning fire life safety regulations. In 2014, EB&I aided in introducing legislation that would allow a working group to convene and resolve matters concerning fire code and mandatory fire life safety inspections of fire dampers, smoke dampers and smoke control systems. This is an area that truly saves lives. In April of 2018, owner of EB&I, Anthony Kocurek spoke at the ICB/TABB convention in Sacramento, California in the subject of what we can expect in the mechanical HVAC world concerning fire life safety. Energy balance does provide fire life safety testing, quotes available upon request.