Services Provided 


Test and Balance (TAB)

TAB - Test , Adjust, Balance. As TAB specialists we perform air and hydronic measurements on commercial HVAC systems.  We then adjust the flows as needed to put those systems into a mode to achieve optimal performance from the mechanical equipment. Next, we balance the system and set it to the design flow values required by the Mechanical Engineer for the project. Finally, we produce a report which summarizes the testing and balancing. This report exemplifies all the work that went into the project, from the original design team to the tinner, the welder, the foreman onsite, and everyone in between.

The mechanical engineer designs the air and hydronic heating, air conditioning, ventilation and pressure control systems. The mechanical contractor builds those systems. Controls wires them up to operate. We test it, adjust it, and set it to work as the engineer originally intended. Our work and report proves whether the system designed will work in the real world. It is our goal with every project to work with each entity in this line to produce a finished product we are all happy with.

Energy Balance is comprised of individuals that have made TAB their life's works and understand air and water systems inside and out. With over 40 years of experience in the business, our company has seen almost every kind of system, troubleshooted the most complicated and balanced systems of all sizes including all major hospitals in the State, schools, labs, hotels, resorts, and more. 

We don't just test pieces... We provide system-wide balance and solutions.  

Fire, Life Safety Testing

Fire life safety systems provide safety and security to all the individuals in a commercial building. The spreading of fire, smoke and oxygen to feed a fire through duct systems could be, and often is the determining factor as to whether a fire can be contained and keep people safe, or not. Spreading through the HVAC systems could have disastrous results to those inhabiting the building if a fire were to start. Measures have been put in place to aid in preventing the spread through duct systems. Dampers that close off the airways are tripped in the presence of fire or smoke preventing anything from getting by- saving lives.  

Energy Balance provides testing of these dampers and certify their operation. Our company has been at the forefront of bringing the state together to produce a formal process to ensure that commercial buildings are properly tested. We have worked with legislation, Fire Marshal, and state representatives to make this happen and keep New Mexicans safe.  

Audits and Pressure Gradient Testing

Any sensitive environment is set up to maintain that environment. To do that the pressure between spaces can mean the difference between safety and exposure. Isolation rooms for instance, must maintain an environment of their own and literally be isolated from their surroundings. This is set up and the invisible wall between that area and the outside world is held with an invisible curtain of pressure differentials in air from one space to the other. 

This is one of our specialties. Hospitals, labs, casinos, or any area where this invisible curtain is necessary we can help set up. Whether that is through quarterly audits of hospital rooms or initial set up of smoke control systems on a casino floor, we can set up positive and negative relationships and measure air exchanges and produce the report needed to show these figures.



Room Tightness Testing

How efficient is a space? How isolated is an isolation room? These are questions engineers and architects are asking. We can tell them. Utilizing the latest in blower door technology, are team is able to measure the exact amount of leakage in a space. Imagine a balloon. Imagine a bunch of pin pricks in that balloon. We are able to tell you how big of a hole those pin pricks add up to be. Air tightness is a group effort of all those on site. We work with contractors, mechanical contractors, engineers and everyone in between to bring a room into a passing state of very little leakage. We have now worked at all major hospitals in the Albuquerque area as well as Santa Fe and Espanola and have helped to set the bar here in New Mexico as to what is expected with room tightness testing and reporting. 

Duct Leakage Testing

Air is only effective when it gets to where it is suppose to go. If the ducts are not sealed the efficiency of the entire system takes a drastic hit. We work with the mechanical contractor to simulate airflow through the duct to determine the leakage rate of the duct and thus the efficientcy of the system. Utilizing the best tools available, we can determine the smallest of leakage and produce a report to show exactly how the duct will perform.   


Have a space in need of work? Are you looking to produce an accurate idea of what is happening in your space? With 40 years of experience under our belts we have seen almost everything and can determine what is happening in almost every scenario. We would be happy to work with you to investigate your system and what needs to be done to improve it.  

When looking for the highest quality in test and balance, Energy Balance & Integration will be happy to serve. 

To receive a quote please submit to the email listed below. Please include the mechanical drawings for the project and/or scope for us to review with the requested due date.

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